Rectaltronics White Paper

The Comprehensive Solution to Rectal Stimulation

May 2000


Rectal stimulation plays parts of growing importance in many facets of everyday life at work, at home, and at play. Ordinary butt-plugs provide only a limited solution, for lack of flexibility and controllability. The limited sizes and shapes quickly grow boring and vibrating mechanisms, if they exist at all, are simple and unreliable and often ineffective or even annoying.

A tremendous gap in the market for effective butt-plugs was recognized. While electronic and micro-processor technology has permeated nearly every phase of modern living, the field of rectal and colonic stimulation remains literally in the dark ages.

In independent surveys, 64% of adults interviewed used some form of rectal stimulation. 17% of the non-users of rectal stimulation stated they would use rectal stimulation if technology could improve upon the quality of the stimulation. A staggering 97% of current users of rectal stimulation devices claimed they would buy anything, price no object, that could improve upon the quality of their rectal stimulation.

Rectal Stimulation

The anus is densely populated by sensitive nerve endings in and around the sphincter and partially into the colon. Additionally, males derive some sensation from the manipulation of the prostate gland, and females find additional sensation by the incidental vaginal pressure via the connective tissue between the rectum and the vagina. Various sensations are also found in both genders by certain pressures and manipulations on and about the lower excretory tract. Many people find these sensations useful and pleasurable, either alone or in combination with genital manipulation.

The structure of the rectum is much different between genders. In females, the rectum is deeper and straighter than in males. The path of the colon is also vastly different and in women, varying for example with differences in individual cervical configurations (anteverted, retroverted). Even among similar genders the dimensions and shapes of the cavities can vary greatly. Rectal stimulation devices must be designed with all these variations in mind.

Centuries Old

Except for the convenience and safety of sealed batteries and the introduction of inexpensive miniature motors, rectal stimulation has not seen any technological or practical advancements since ancient Greece. No significant improvements in materials. No appreciable changes in butt-plug shapes. No new or distinguishing features.

Fact is, rectal stimulation hasn't improved or even changed significantly since the civil war. Almost thirty years since man landed on the moon, we can put color TV's in our pockets, desktop computers are reaching staggering capabilities, and yet the butt-plug is the same old butt-plug. That is, until now...

The Rectaltronics Solution

Rectaltronics has introduced fresh ideas into every aspect of rectal and colonic stimulation. We have improved upon materials, added convenient features, enhanced the capabilities, increased the variety, and changed the genre of butt-plugs for the centuries to come.

We scientifically studied the excretory tract and genital regions of hundreds of different subjects and using sophisticated computer modeling and simulations, and set out to design a new generation of butt-plugs. Our engineers paid close attention to basic anatomical differences and strived to design butt-plugs that had the individual in mind. After years of secretive study and a multitude of patent applications, the unique Rectaltronic Stereophonic Butt-Plug was announced, and the Stereophonic effect set the world abuzz.

Seeing the potential of our discoveries, we sought to improve further on our designs and effects. The single-mode Rectaltronic Stereophonic system suddenly seemed limited and microprocessor technology provided the answer.

Rectaltronics Basics

In addition to microprocessor and electronics augmentation and the use of reliable, high-quality parts, Rectaltronics introduces the modular concept to butt-plugs. A fully interchangeable system of plug shells (shapes), vibrating and reciprocating apparatus, control systems, power packs, and an array of universally compatible accessories and adapters make up the Rectaltronics Butt-Plug System.

Rectaltronics designed a series of butt-plug shapes that provides good retention, ease of use, and a variety of unique stimuli and pressure points to provide maximum benefit. Each shape offers substantially different overall effect.

Oscillation/reciprocation units were designed to offer basic Rectaltronic Stereophonic effect in various strengths, and then in some cases offer additional other stimulus.

Control systems were conceived to offer dynamic butt-plug control and finally to provide smart control and learning capabilities. Interfaces to current home computers were developed and complete, self-contained control systems were created for the ultimate in butt-plug portability and flexibility, and maximum usefulness of the Rectaltronic Stereophonic effect.

Rectaltronic Stereophonics

The patented Rectaltronic Stereophonic effect is a key part of every Rectaltonics butt-plug sold. Utilizing microprocessor technology to provide patented waveform control of the oscillation units, a unique surround feeling (not unlike Sensurround(tm)) is generated upon insertion an activation of the butt-plug.

The Rectaltronic Stereophonic effect relies on three basic factors.

  • Resonance

The anal cavity exhibits a variety of resonances which are dependent upon vectors and depths. Additionally, the stages of the colon and adjoining soft tissue cause harmonic distortion. All of these factors can be measured and used to advantage.

  • Geometry

The essential form of the butt-plug must be designed to accomodate certain common geometric characteristics of the anal cavity.

  • Musculature

The subject's musculature qualities are taken into consideration, and the oscillation geometry is programmed to stimulate the various muscles and connective tissue at specific rates and vectors.

The Rectaltronic Effect

An advanced system of patented sensors and custom designed high-speed microprocessors in real time measure cavity physical characteristics, resonances, harmonics, standing waves, distortion, and muscle reaction.

The Rectaltronics oscillation unit produces waveforms that are not only dynamic in amplitude and overall waveshapes, but in specific vectors as well. Up to seven simultaneous and independent waveform projection vectors can be generated, each with controllable dispersion between five and forty-five degrees. Vectors can be overlapped when necessary.

The waveforms produced by the oscillation unit are optimized in real time by the control system to minimize certain standing waves and enhance other standing waves, maximize resonance in specific desired regions, and actually control muscle reactions. The net effect is to produce stunning and surrealistic stimulations that may best be described as Stereophonic.

Rectaltronics, Inc.

Rectaltronics butt-plugs and accessories are designed and produced by privately -held Rectaltronics, Inc., and use concepts licensed from Wichita Bytebrothers and Fast Logic Outlaws. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are hereby acknowledged. The techniques described in this document are proprietary and are extensively protected by worldwide patents.

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