Rectaltronics Internet Specials

Rectaltronics, Inc. Internet Sales Office offers these unique kits and special-purpose products only to Internet shoppers.  As always, your Rectaltronics dealer can supply accessories and other Rectaltronics products.

  • "Marathon Man" Kit

The Marathon Man includes a Rectaltronics Interrogator Buttplug, the Dr. Mengele oscillator, an IntelleRect controller with your choice of internal interface, two Lithium-Ion power cells, an AC-powered standalone rapid-charger, plus one dozen alcohol pads, a 2 oz. container of conductive lubricant gel, ballistic nylon wrist and ankle straps, and a handy wireless remote voltage control for the oscillator.  Perfect for those holiday guests that just won't leave!

  • "Deliverance" Kit

Deliverance offers the Rectaltronics Professional Buttplug and the powerful Home Improvement oscillator along with an IntelleRect controller, Lithium-Ion power cell and multivoltage rapid-charger in a tough camouflage plastic tackle box.  Free extras include Off! mosquito repellent and a keychain electronic music box that plays Dueling Banjos.  Outdoor expeditions will never be the same when you bring along the Deliverance!

  • Seasonal Special #1 - New Year's Eve Kit

Rectaltronics first ever seasonal special began in 2005 with this New Years Eve celebration kit.  With all parts supplied in a patriotic red, white and blue color scheme, this kit includes the Rectaltronics Hindenburg Buttplug and a Bang & Olufsen oscillator.  This special kit uses a sensitive micro-miniature digital AM/FM tuner connected to the B&O to synchronize your stimulation with fireworks music simulcasts.  An included multiuser license for DynaVibe allows your friends to plug in on the fun, too (depending on available connectivity).  Please specify interface and power options when you order.  A bottle of champagne and a half-dozen roman candles* free with your kit if you mention this web page!  XM-compatible satellite radio receiver available upon request.

  • Seasonal Special #2 - Chinese (Lunar) New Year's Kit

Similar to Season Special #1 but substitutes a lapel karaoke microphone with a 36" cord instead of the radio tuner, and is supplied with the buttplug shell and anodized modules adorned in a brilliant red and gold color scheme!  A bottle of plum wine, a 48" inflatable dragon and six packs of firecrackers* offered free with this kit if you mention our web site when you order!

* Fireworks availability varies by municipality, shipping/carrier restrictions may apply.

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