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Rectaltronics offers complete proprietary host systems for the operation of discrete butt-plugs. In the event you wish to use your IBM or compatible PC running DOS/Windows, OS/2 (2.0, Warp or eComStation), Mac (System 7 through OS-X), iPhone, Pocket PC or Palmtop, NextStep, UNIX System V or later, or VAXstation VMS workstation with X-Windows to control your butt-plug, Rectaltronics offers the exclusive DynaVibe(tm) control software (under license from Bytebrothers Fast Logic Outlaws). With DynaVibe you can control the intensity, vectors and pulse waveshapes of the butt-plug vibration module and the sensitivity of the AnuSense system, and you can save frequently-used sets of operating parameters for easy recall in subsequent sessions. Like our proprietary host systems, DynaVibe can monitor AnuSense output data in real-time and adapt the butt-plug's operating parameters in real time to maintain the patented Rectaltronic Stereophonic effect.

The OS/2, UNIX and VMS versions of DynaVibe support concurrent control of a theoretically unlimited number of Rectaltronics butt-plugs. Actual limits depend on CPU capacity, available RAM and disk drive space, and the types of interfaces being utilized.

The Windows versions of DynaVibe are Windows Certified and support complete Plug-and-Play installation and configuration (Windows 95 and later). The extent of the Plug-and-Play utility depends on the capabilities of the interface used between the host PC and the butt-plug.

The VSDK supports custom butt-plug programming via the Rectaltronics VAPI on most popular programming environments and compilers on all supported platforms.

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