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Rectaltronics butt-plugs feature a fully modular and upgradeable design. This facilitates the easy changing of interface hardware, mechanical apparatus, sensors, and control modules, either for service or for changes in application requirements.

At Rectaltronics' laboratories, extensive research goes into materials and textures and biological compatibility. Our entire line of butt-plugs feature washable, hypo-allergenic shells in a wide range of materials and textures. We also offer butt-plug condoms specially contoured for a custom fit and specifically designed to withstand the rigors of butt-plug use. Every butt-plug shell is carefully inspected by hand for tactile perfection, and every butt-plug condom is laser-tested for safety and integrity. All Rectaltronics products are hand-signed by our experienced quality assurance staff; a gesture of our unconditional guarantee to you that your butt-plugs and accessories are the finest in the world.

Reliability and and safety are always of paramount importance. That's why Rectaltronics uses only expensive high-quality connectors with gold-plated bifurcated contacts for our butt-plug interfaces, with secure and easy-to-operate fastening devices and durable flexible interface connections for reliable performance. Every Rectaltronics butt-plug now features the Vac-U-Snap(tm) vapor-lock release system with safety check valve built into an extra-wide butt-plug base to eliminate any possibility of dangerous invasions or injury. Rectaltronics butt-plugs and accessories are FCC, UL and CSA approved and meet all applicable safety standards set by the United States CPSC, FDA, and NCIPC.

Each Rectaltronics butt-plug comes with a custom-fitted high-impact plastic case. Rectaltronics also offers optional hi-tech aluminum carrying cases with secure combination locks, optional security alarms and space for extra power modules, oscillators, and accessories.

Buy your genuine Rectaltronics butt-plug systems and accessories only at authorized Rectaltronics dealers. Rectaltronics separately certifies dealers and salespeople only after thorough training programs, so the customer always receives superior sales service and support. Look for the Rectaltronics logo in the window!

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