Rectaltronics Press Release
Contact: Brad Berson, brad.berson @ February 6, 2003

Rectaltronics Announces AnuScript 1.0

[NEW YORK, NY]  Rectaltronics Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world's only Stereophonic butt-plugs, introduces easy script programming with AnuScript.

AnuScript 1.0 acts as an easy-to-use BASIC -like control interface to DynaVibe and the VSDK API, allowing sophisticated programmatic control of Rectaltronics butt-plugs without needing to learn complicated computer programming languages or esoteric commands.  A step by step wizard guides the user through action sequences or the more familiar user can edit AnuScript command files manually.  AnuScript has access to all of the Rectaltronics butt-plug control parameters and sensor outputs and can assume as little or as much control as the user wishes.

AnuScript leverages a native JAVA interface, bringing unheard-of control and capabilities to even neophyte users of Rectaltronics butt-plugs on any JAVA-capable computing platform.  Further, AnuScript Extensions will be available 2Q93, giving AnuScript full compatibility with the entire line of Rectaltronics butt-plug accessories, control systems and hubs.

Rectaltronics Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of unique electronic vibrating butt-plugs marketed worldwide, with offices in Wichita, Kansas and New York, New York.  For more information, contact: brad.berson @

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