Rectaltronics Press Release
Contact: Brad Berson, brad.berson @ January 30, 2003

Rectaltronics Announces FlashPlugs

[NEW YORK, NY]  Rectaltronics Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world's only Stereophonic butt-plugs, keeps pace with industry standards by introducing compatibility with leading flash memory and expansion card formats.

The Rectaltronics line of modular electronic butt-plugs now feature slots for SD/MMC and Mini PC Cards, permitting massive memory upgrades, extensive personalization capacity and near-limitless expandable functionality using industry-standard Type-II Mini PC Cards.

The new expansion slots are a natural complement to the staggering popularity of handheld computing devices such as the Palm, Pocket PC and compatibles, and their wide array of upgrades and peripherals.  The possibilities are limited only by the user's imagination!

Rectaltronics Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of unique electronic vibrating butt-plugs marketed worldwide, with offices in Wichita, Kansas and New York, New York.  For more information, contact: brad.berson @

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