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Contact: Brad Berson, brad.berson @ November 7, 2001

Rectaltronics Announces the BioPlug

[NEW YORK, NY]  Rectaltronics Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world's only Stereophonic butt-plugs, once again breaks new ground in the field of rectal stimulation with the first ever marriage of butt-plugs and anti-bioterrorism technology.

In response to growing fears of bioterrorism using Anthrax and other biological and chemical agents, Rectaltronics has designed a new bio-tech butt-plug shell with anti-bioterrorism features, compatible with the entire existing line of modular Stereophonic Rectaltronic Butt-Plugs and accessories.

The Rectaltronics BioPlug uses proprietary military aerospace technologies to deliver biological agent abating drugs, photon radiation and radio frequency ionic energy to the bloodstream via the mucous membrane of the anal cavity during stereophonic rectal stimulation, featuring completely automatic calibration of the butt-plug to personal metrics and real-time dynamic adjustment to various suspected biological or chemical agents.

The Rectaltronics BioPlug is *MIL-spec rated and EPA fast-track approved for use against most direct, indirect, inhaled and ingested chemical, viral and organic contaminants.

* MIL rating only valid when used in conjunction with the MIL-spec oscillator assemblies.  Product for USA and territories only; not available for export.

Rectaltronics Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of unique electronic vibrating butt-plugs marketed worldwide, with offices in Wichita, Kansas and New York, New York.  For more information, contact: brad.berson @

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