Rectaltronics Press Release
Contact: Brad Berson, 914-624-1421 July 12, 1995

Rectaltronics Changes the Face of Rectal Stimulation

[NEW YORK, NY] Rectaltronics has announced its newest line of modular butt-plugs, control systems, and accessories, and has once again revolutionized the field of rectal stimulation with its new-generation IntelleRect(tm) intelligent control systems for Stereophonic Rectaltronic Butt-Plugs.

Rectaltronics, Inc., a privately held Wichita, Kansas based organization, revolutionized the market for butt-plugs five years ago with the introduction of the Stereophonic Rectaltronic Butt-Plug. Since then, Rectaltronics has kept the market reeling with regular and significant improvements, and fresh perspectives for new and unusual ideas.

"This company has broken more ground than Caterpillar", noted Eric Rintell, President of TLG and Co., the New York based sister company to the Wichita Bytebrothers. "And the proprietary aspects of the Rectaltronics systems would be an Achilles heel for any other company, but a thorough complement of adaption systems leaves us with a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that we won't end up paying proprietary prices."

The IntelleRect(tm) systems with AnuSense(tm) provide the most significant advance in rectal stimulation since the development of the DynaVibe(tm) system for controlling oscillation parametrics. A high degree of interoperability means that a Rectaltronic Stereophonic Butt-Plug system will never be obsolete.

The entire Rectaltronics line of butt-plugs, control systems, and accessories, is fully compatible with all prior products and an extensive array of standard equipment and operating systems.

Rectaltronics, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of unique electronic vibrating butt-plugs and accessories. Its products are available worldwide. For more information on Rectaltronics, Inc., or Rectaltronic Stereophonic systems, please contact Brad Berson at (914) 624-1421.

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