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The heart of every vibrating butt-plug is the vibrating apparatus. Rectaltronics still recognizes the basic brushless motor as the most reliable source of mechanical oscillation. The "Hummer" line only uses an efficient piezo-electric source due to the low-energy output required. We use the finest parts from respectable and well-established manufacturers, and all attached moving parts are forged in-house from 6061-T6 Aluminum for strength, durability, and light weight. All bearings and bearing surfaces are lifetime self-lubricating. All motor-driven modules include power-factor correction for maximum efficiency.

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Hummer Line...

The Hummer line of oscillator units are designed for low power consumption and extra-long battery life. These unique butt-plugs use efficient piezo-electric vibrating elements for a subtle yet effective tingle. As with all our standard butt-plugs, the Hummer series supports gyroscopic control and variable vibration vectors. These are also our quietest oscillators, suitable for inconspicuous public use. [Top]

Home Improvement Line...

At the other end of the spectrum, the Home Improvement line of oscillators offers MORE POWER! Motors and solenoids with rare-earth magnets and Lithium-Ion batteries propel Rectaltronics butt-plugs with a gusto that would make Mr. Binford proud. Optional refillable Liquid Nitrogen capsules convert the powerful solenoids into super-conducting hammering pulsators for the heartiest fans of rectal stimulation. [Top]

Standard Line...

The Standard line of oscillation modules is by no means unimaginative. In fact, these are our most flexible and finely controllable units in production. Sensitive gyroscopic feedback helps please the most discerning aficionados of Rectaltronic Stereophonic anal/rectal stimulation. These oscillators are compatible with all Rectaltronics power modules. [Top]

Dr. Mengele Line...

Mild electrical impulses delivered through the butt-plug shell make the Dr. Mengele line of oscillation modules a real shocker! This system includes a phase-locked feedback loop into the oscillator controller to compensate for electrically induced pucker. A programmable logic array and digital signal processing with comb filters distinguishes between involuntary and voluntary contractions for seamless integration with the Rectaltronic Stereophonic system. These oscillators are UL and CSA approved and also enthusiastically endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. [Top]

Jacques Cousteau Line...

Submersible and guaranteed to an amazing 1000 meters depth, the Jacques Cousteau oscillator line features waterproof construction, resistance to caustic environments, spark-proof cables, gas-tight connectors, and user-serviceable gaskets around our standard oscillation module. These are the only end-user oscillation units built to withstand the dynamic water pressures and air bubble scouring found in Jacuzzis and hot tubs. These oscillators are also perfect in pools and water parks. Dynamic pressurization and neutral buoyancy insure that your swimming routines remain unaffected. [Top]

Mario Andretti Line...

Built with carbon fiber, Magnesium alloys and Titanium, the Mario Andretti series oscillation modules achieve the highest possible reciprocating rates. These modules feature one-of-a-kind closed loop Teflon-based high-pressure oiling systems to minimize frictional heat and wear. For actual automotive users of these modules, authorized Rectaltronics sales and service centers can install tachometer and speedometer drive control adapters in most late-model cars and trucks. Five-point harnesses are optional! [Top]

Bang & Olufsen Line...

Audio enthusiasts will appreciate the Bang & Olufsen oscillator units with their 75-Ohm stereo inputs, parametric sensitivity controls, and post-modern streamlined design. Optional infra-red interfaces are available for Koss, Sennheiser, Sony, and of course B&O's cordless headphone transmitters. These modified reciprocator drive units boast 28 dB of dynamic headroom at connecting rod rates of 120 fps. With these innovative oscillators, the 1812 Overture will never be the same! [Top]

MIL-Spec Line...

Available only by special order, our MIL-Spec tested and approved oscillator units feature gas- and water-tight housings made of EMP-resistant alloys and coated with supplemental RFI and EMI proofing paints inside and out. All cables and connectors are MIL-rated and compatible spark proof parts and all components and seals are built to withstand caustic gasses and liquids as well as extremely high pressures and vacuums. The housing is designed to absorb major impacts and is slurry and abrasion resistant. The MIL-Spec unit is nearly impervious to all forms of radiation and is designed to directly shunt up to 80,000 Joules without damage. [Top]

Customers requiring MIL-Spec oscillators must submit form DOE-73655-F7C-a in quintuplicate with their order forms. Product not approved for export from U.S.A. Delivery may take up to eight weeks.  Faster delivery possible with DHS approvals.

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