Rectaltronics Internal Control Systems
The Rectaltronics IntelleRect(tm) is a VLSI-based microminiature control module that fits entirely within any Rectaltronics butt-plug. In some smaller butt-plugs, installation of the IntelleRect may require attachment of a separate power module. The IntelleRect controls only the butt-plug in which it is installed. This highly advanced system features 1 Gb of NVRAM, inputs for AnuSense, and PooperPower compatibility.

The IntelleRect is the key to the only butt-plug in the world featuring artificial intelligence. A butt-plug equipped with AnuSense and IntelleRect can automatically recognize and distinguish between as many as 63 different sphincters and immediately recall the preferred operating parameters for each individual user. Through heuristic artificial intelligence programming, a butt-plug equipped with IntelleRect can teach itself to accommodate the individual needs of every rectum without painstaking trial-and-error configuration.

New for 2010, IntelleRect 3.0 now includes a Mini PC Card slot, USB connectors and a multi-purpose flash memory slot that takes all common flash RAM cards* of any capacity.  The PC Card and USB connectors accept common industry standard peripherals such as memory, wireless adapters, GPS, etc.

*Sony flash cards not supported



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