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The ButtStream(tm) specification is a fully backward- compatible device- independent open bi-directional asynchronous data standard with full and extensible feature negotiation that has been enhanced over the years to support new electronic interfaces and feature additions. The most current standard -- RS-66 8.0.6 -- is available by request.

The AnusBus(tm) provides extremely reliable proprietary connectors and cable fittings optimized for use with Rectaltronics butt-plugs and ButtStream data transfer. Every Rectaltronics butt-plug and oscillation/reciprocation module maintains unique AnusBus identification codes to help intelligent controllers distinguish among operating units.

Available interfaces include RS232, 422, IEEE488, GPIB (HP), SCSI, SATA, UTP (TCP/IP), USB, Firewire, PC Card and AnusBus. Each comes with supporting drivers for all operating systems. Connections via AnusBus to our line of host systems are transparent and automatically negotiate all available functionality between hosts and oscillator units.  Accessory slots for flash memory and Mini PC Cards add expansion capability using industry standard flash RAM and miniature peripherals.

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