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AnuSense(tm) MIL-spec micro-miniature helical ballistically sensitive pressure sensors, approved for use in gaseous and haz-mat environments, measure pucker/dilation delta and anal/colonic contraction parametrics. These sensors are produced with linear and inverse-square reaction curves for compatibility with a wide variety of measuring equipment and sensing devices. AnuSense sensors are also the key component of a non-vibrating butt-plug produced by Rectaltronics strictly for military use in high performance jet-fighter aircraft and in USAF/NASA training programs. AnuSense sensors are not approved for export from the United States of America.

AnalSim(tm) software provides a parametrically programmable dynamic digital simulation of the entire structure of the anal area, from the gluteus maximus and sphincter through the sigmoid colon. Simulation controls and variables include soft tissue and mucous membrane characteristics, muscle contraction and reaction, digestive process considerations, and over 8,500 combinations of pre-set physical parameters arranged by gender and genetic background for the complete lower excretory tract. Using AnalSim, a butt-plug design can be digitally simulated by shape, texture, and vibration ballistics, and a walk-through style simulation can be produced in continuous color and three dimensions with adjustable perspectives and cut-aways. Time-domain parametric graphs can be analyzed to evaluate all design attributes and performance aspects of a prospective butt-plug. AnalSim works with AutoCAD, Designer, Corel and u-Lathe and interfaces directly to the FlexiPlug system.

RectaLube(tm) is a unique automatic cavity lubrication system that works via unidirectional micropores in the shells of Rectaltronics butt-plugs. Our scientifically designed and extensively field-tested lubrication compound is silky-smooth yet persistent, water-soluble, hypo-allergenic and diabetic-safe, features a slightly fruity-sweet taste and scent, and is fully compatible with Rectaltronics butt-plug condoms. RectaLube/2(tm) adds a neutralizing agent for anal mucous and impacted material odors, but is not hypo-allergenic.

Vac-U-Snap(tm) is a simple, patented vapor-lock prevention system that depends on the micropore shells of Rectaltronics butt-plugs to allow a gentle release via introduction of filtered outside air. A safety check valve prevents embarrassing mishaps due to accidental blow-back.

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