Rectaltronics Custom Fitting
Rectaltronics Gold dealers now offer custom butt-plug fitting with the FlexiPlug(tm) system. Using the FlexiPlug, customers can create a butt-plug whose shape, size, and texture are defined completely by their physiology and preferences, and is easily tested on the FlexiPlug(tm). Butt-plug data is transmitted electronically to the Rectaltronics fabricating house where one-day turnaround and priority air shipment promptly get the custom-made butt-plug back to the customer. Sorry, but no returns or exchanges permitted on custom butt-plugs.

Rectaltronics uses the patented FudgeForm(tm) CAM (computer aided manufacturing) system to fabricate custom butt-plugs from FlexiPlug data, and then performs rigorous quality control on each manufactured butt-plug to ensure that our product exceeds all expectations. Zero-defect tolerance is enforced throughout every manufacturing stage at Rectaltronics.


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