Rectaltronics External Control Systems
The ExoRect(tm) omnicontroller is self-contained control system for as many as sixteen concurrent butt-plugs. The command console features large, uniquely shaped and logically arranged, easy-to-clean keys. A new for 2010 high-resolution OLED color display shows programming and real time operating information. The control unit is integrated into the command console to form a lightweight, portable Rectaltronics butt-plug control system.

The ExoRect accepts all internal and external Rectaltronics battery packs and power adapters. The AnusBus connector and included cable attaches easily and securely to all Rectaltronics butt-plugs. The ExoRect contains a ZIF-socketed CPU, flash programmable BIOS and 1 Gb NVRAM, for easy upgradeability and operating parameter memory for up to 1024 butt-plugs. Advanced power management helps prolong battery life and complies with the latest federal and international "Green PC" standards.

For 2010 the ExoRect 3.0 now includes a Mini PC Card slot, two USB sockets and a 32-way flash memory slot that takes all standard flash RAM cards (except Sony) of any capacity.  The PC Card slot and USB accepts industry standard peripherals such as memory, wireless adapters, GPS, etc.



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