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Dizzy Doodler

The Dizzy Doodler wiggles and jiggles as you write!

This is no ordinary pen. The motorized Dizzy Doodler makes all kinds of spirals and wiggly lines. Hold your hand higher to draw big spirals, lower to draw smaller spirals. Set includes pen, 5 neon-colored ink cartridges and triple doodler accessory that lets kids use 3 inks at one time. Runs on 1 "AA" battery. Ages 3 and up.


Sonicare.GIF (7501 bytes)Sonicare - the sonic toothbrush!

No, a sonic toothbrush isn't from outer space. It's one of the best ways to take care of your teeth and gums. That's because sonicare uses sonic technology to attack plaque bacteria in hard-to-reach places -- places conventional electric and manual toothbrushes simply can't reach. Thanks to a combination of high-speed brushing and sonic wave action, the sonicare sonic toothbrush removes plaque bacteria right where they live; hidden between teeth and even below the gumline.  Sonic frequency brushing.  Quite a mouthful, right? That's how we describe the sonicare brush head's amazing ability to move at 31,000 brush strokes per minute. This high-speed brushing and the resulting gentle sonic vibrations attack plaque beyond the reach of the bristles(tm).


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