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Rectaltronics offers an extensive line of cables, adapters, power cords, batteries, lubes, cleaners, condoms, and more. Use only genuine Rectaltronics accessories to ensure optimal performance of your Rectaltronics electronic butt-plugs.

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The IntelleClone(tm) cable can connect butt-plugs equipped with the IntelleRect controller to download stored operating parameters. This is an ideal accessory for owners of more than one Rectaltronics butt-plug. Use the IntelleClone for data backup or for sharing butt-plug data.

Adapters are available in all popular formats for connection to nearly every conceivable electronic device, whether AnusBus -equipped or not. Any combination of cable and connector can be had for daisy-chaining each and every model of butt-plug to any compatible host system.

Battery packs are available for non-rechargeable (alkaline, lithium) and rechargeable (Li-Ion) cells, and Rectaltronics offers "smart" chargers for rechargeable batteries. Rectaltronics smart chargers use patented technology to cycle cells for maximum operating time and to ensure that cells are never damaged by over-charging or over-depletion.

Rectaltronics lubricants and cleaners are guaranteed not to harm butt-plug shells or electronic components. Our cleaning compounds rinse away thoroughly, and our lubrications wash off easily, are hypo-allergenic, and stand up well to rigorous use.

Rectaltronics offers custom-fitted butt-plug condoms designed specifically for the harsh operating environment of a vibrating butt-plug. The unusual shapes of Rectaltronics butt-plugs in combination with chemically caustic environments and extended vibration can quickly break down typical penis condoms. Rectaltronics butt-plug condoms are extra-durable and form-fitting, and are designed so that the interior of the condom actually adheres to the butt-plug shell for a perfect no-stretching, no-pulling fit.

Users of our larger butt-plugs will appreciate the PullaPlug(tm) extraction system. The PullaPlug connects to the Vac-U-Snap fitting at the base of Rectaltronics butt-plugs, providing a combined easy to grab puller and standard pneumatic fitting with pressure limiter. Our largest butt-plugs can be released from the tightest sphincters with ease, using the PullaPlug extractor. The PullaPlug extraction system includes adapters for bicycle pumps and gas station pumps.

For new and experienced Rectaltronics customers alike, we offer a complete range of training videos on DVD and Interactive CD-ROM to help you get the most out of your Rectaltronics butt-plug system. The videos cover everything from an introduction to basic rectal stimulation to advanced butt-plug networking. Also available in multimedia format is the Rectaltronics Butt-Plug Resource Kit, complete with software and firmware upgrades (software with CD-I only).

Programmers and vertical market developers will be interested in the VSDK, or Vibrating Software Development Kit. Through documented butt-plug API's, all Rectaltronics butt-plug operating parameters can be controlled. SDK libraries are available for all supported operating platforms.

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